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  • Who we are

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About us

Berlys is a modern food brand has been part of the Monbake Grupo Empresarial, specializing in the production and distribution of pre-baked and frozen bakery products, pastries, confectionery, savoury snacks and Bakery- Coffee stores, being one of the largest frozen-dough companies in Spain. 

With 10 factories distributed throughout national territory and more than 1.700 employees, Monbake is a company committed to quality, nutrition and food security, which it shows through solid support for innovation.

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What we do

We prepare products designed to satisfy the consumer preferences and the business demands of our clients: bakeries, confectioners, convenience stores, specialized and food stores, distribution channels, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, fast food, franchises and catering. Thanks to our sales network, we know your needs firsthand and therefore, we offer you solutions to make the daily running of your business easier.
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Our Brands


Gluten free range. The delicious solution for celiac.

Berlys Corporation

The delicatessen brand of pastry and confectionery.

Our team


Berlys Commitments

  1. All our operations take place according to a strict management system designed to ensure Quality and Food Security.
  2. Our products are prepared with the finest raw materials, following traditional processes and with the application of the most advanced technology.
  3. We are at the forefront in Innovation, always in line with modern trends in food inside and outside the home.
  4. We have the market’s most effective commercial, distribution and personalised advisory Services.
  1. All our Departments and our Call Center are trained and prepared to offer rapid responses and guaranteed solutions to any doubt, suggestions and incidents.
  2. Our commitment to healthy food and consumers’ welfare are our top priority.
  3. Since 2008, all the products Berlys prepares with margarine have been free of trans fats.
  4. All our Betina brand special gluten-free products have the guarantee certificate from The Federation of Spanish Celiacs Associations.
  5. Promoting bread consumption in this country, a healthy food, basic to our diet.
  6. We respect the environment, as far as possible avoiding any form of pollution, reducing the impact of our factories, offices and transport, minimising waste production (particularly cardboard and packaging), and rationalising the use of natural and energy resources.
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Quality marks the difference

In a large food enterprise like the Berlys Group, all operations take place according to a strict management system designed to ensure quality and achieve excellence in each and every one of its actions.

Berlys has held the ISO 9001 Company Registration Certificate.
Food Safety Certificate of the British Retailers Consortium for bakery and viennoiserie products.

Berlys was the first company in the sector certified by AENOR to manage the design, marketing and distribution of frozen bakery, boulangerie and pastry.

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Work with us

If you are enthusIf you are enthusiastic, eagering to grow and improve, you can build your professional career by joining Bellsolá´s team (Grupo Monbake). We know that our employee´s professional development helps to increase the value of our company.

If you are interested in working with us, just fill in the form clicking on this link. We will consider it when we recruit for positions that fit your profile